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Rid Yourself Of Scabies!!!

Reinfection for scabies is more common than most people think. Getting rid of scabies is only half the battle, if you want to be one of the few people who has figured out how to rid yourself of scabies permanently, then this article has the solution you have been looking for!

So how exactly do you stop scabies from taking over your life? Here are a few effective tips to help reduce the rate of reinfection.

Scabies can take anywhere from four to six weeks after a person has been infected for symptoms to occur. By this time, the probability that the whole family has been infected would be quite high. A couple of people would start to show symptoms of a scabies infection and over the next couple of weeks the rest of the family would begin to show signs of itchiness and rashes. So, the first logical thing to do would be to treat the whole family as soon as one or two people begin to show signs of a scabies infection.
We recomended permethrin cream 5% and ivermectin tablets.

Once the family are being treated then you need to take quick action and move onto the next step…

It should be an obvious step, but many people miss common items that they come into contact with everybody. I recommend you do your own washing and not bring your items to a dry cleaner as you would not want to pass on the parasites to other peoples clothes. The obvious thing to wash would be Manchester (pillow coverings, pillows, sheets, blankets etc). Many people do not think of other things that they come into contact with on a daily basis, things like towels in the bathroom, doorhandles, car seats, couches and chairs, TV remotes and even the phone. These are all common household objects that come into contact with human skin, some for prolonged periods of time and some for enough time to allow a transfer of parasites. Remember, it only takes one of these little pests to begin reinfection, and they could be hiding anywhere in the house. Note: Reinfection is noticeable within a couple of days, as opposed to four to six weeks for the initial infection.

Scabies can live for a few days without a human host, so it generally is a good idea to use different bedding sheets everyday and bag the used ones (once washed) for a few days just to make sure that any parasites still living within the sheets are killed. The same rules would apply for pillow cases.

Another risk for reinfection are the people surrounding you. If one person in your family does not use the treatment correctly and they come into contact with you, or you mutually come into contact with an object that they infect, then the reinfection process will begin again. It is a good idea for everyone to keep their distance from each other, it will save everyone a lot of hassle (and itching) down the track.

Some people infected with scabies have been battling them for months at a time, a story I read not long ago claimed that this one lady had been trying to fight them off for 8 months! This is why it pays to be proactive in trying to rid yourself of scabies permanently.

Good Luck